Tim Rosen is the founder and CEO of Financial CompassTim Rosen, How to rollover a 401(k), Investment Advice, Investor Coach, Financial Adviser, Investing in Stocks, Free Markets, Modern Portfolio Theory, Tim Rosen, Financial Coach, Mutual Funds, Diversification, Retirement, Retirement Planning Investment Services, Inc., a Los Angeles –based registered investment advisor firm helping create wealth for investors throughout So. Cal. Tim’s success in business can be attributed to his unique talent for bringing together complex investing issues and solid, down-to-earth values that make sense to people on a gut level.

In just six short years as a financial planner, Tim was recognized as being in the top 1% of his peer group nationwide and has had many opportunities to mentor and train other planners on his approach to business and putting his client’s needs first.

Tim has used his unique skill of combining complex subject matter into everyday application to coach his clients on Free Market Portfolio Theory. This investment approach is the compilation of academic principle into solid investment strategy that can be implemented by the everyday investor. Saving investors from the misguided advice of the media and Wall Street pundits has become Tim’s driving motivator.

He is the author of Against the Grain- Avoiding the Financial Pitfalls of Conventional Wisdom, teaches Personal Finance to High School and College students and is published in an International Magazine.

Financial Coach (Coaching)

Investors need to be reminded of the fundamentals of investing and brought back to peak performance. To achieve a strategy of buying low and selling high requires disciplined coaching.


The mission of Financial Compass Investment Services is to coach every individual to achieve peace of mind with their investments. We achieve this through ongoing coaching and education so that every person knows what they are doing and why. And educated investor is able to distinguish between good investing decisions and marketing tools used to sell financial products.

  1. Financial Compass is committed to educating investors and providing free educational work shops that are designed to increase your knowledge and keep you informed about the financial markets. We believe that every investor should understand and feel confident about their investment approach.
  2. Free Markets are efficient. Free Market Portfolio will be the basis for the management of our investment portfolios. We will not recommend any investment decisions that involves stock picking, market timing, or reliance of past performance.
  3. We will take the time necessary to listen to your financial concerns and provide guidance to achieve your financial goals and dreams. We will be readily available for meetings or phone consultations that you require.
  4. We vow to care for our clients future like we do our own.

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